November 14, 2013

Attendees: 9+13+9=31
  • Renaissance IO in San Francisco, January 29-31.
  • Chuck Toporek has a friend looking for iOS/Core Bluetooth engineer in the Boston area.  (See his tweet.)
  • Mitch has opening on a project he is working on.
Likely topics for discussion:
  • New iPad and iPad mini
  • CocoaConf Boston
  • MacTech conference and other conferences
  • JetBrains product - the winner can choose any one of the following:
    • IntelliJ IDEA
    • ReSharper
    • RubyMine
    • PhpStorm
    • WebStorm
    • AppCode
    • PyCharm
    • dotCover
    • dotTrace Performance Profiler Professional Edition
    • dotTrace Memory Profiler
  • VMware Fusion and Workstation
  • CocoaConf t-shirts
Ideas for next month:
Xcode 5 unit tests/server bots, or maybe not…

Next month: Omni…? (pregnancy app?) - 
Multiconnect iBeacons - Tony/Thoughtbot(?)