January 9, 2014

Attendees: 14 + 23 + 11 = 48

Announcements & Upcoming Conferences

  • Renaissance 2014: January 29-31 in San Francisco. http://renaissance.io/

  • 360|intersect - April 28 - 29 in Seattle, Washington. http://www.360intersect.com/

  • NSNorth (http://nsnorth.ca/) Ottawa - May 8-10

  • CocoaConf (http://cocoaconf.com/) has announced its 2014 Spring tour:

    • March 7-8 in Chicago

    • March 28-29 in the Washington, DC, area

    • April 4-5 in Austin, TX

    • April 25-26 in San Jose, CA

    • May 9-10 in Raleigh, NC

  • Other Local Meetups

    • NSCoder Boston is relaunching - http://www.meetup.com/NSCoder-Night-Boston/events/159044452/ (thanks to Gordon and Tony)

    • Drinks on Tap (http://drinksontap.org/) - has a meeting on January 13 at Ned Devine’s, Faneuil Hall, Boston.

    • NSHappyHour (http://www.nshappyhour.org/) - the first Wednesday of the month, but none in January because it falls on New Years Day.

Agenda Items

  • Sam Marshall is back in town to give a demo he describes as "a PoC that is halfway between KVO and RAC using the Objective-C runtime.”

  • Tony DiPasquale will be giving a demo on Multipeer Connectivity, including multipeer streaming audio.

  • Daniel Jalkut will be giving an extended talk and Q&A on AutoLayout, based on stuff he’s learned incorporating it into MarsEdit. As Daniel said a few weeks back, "YOU should bring your layout issues, based in Mac or iOS apps, and I’ll lead the room in a collaborative debugging session to try to figure out what’s going wrong with your layout.”